You can download reports that I have written or been involved in producing from this page.

Survivors Matrix
Report of a feasibility study carried out by Monkey Mosaic Ltd in 2007 on the idea of a sexual violence and abuse hub for Bradford, published as part of Survivors West Yorkshire’s A View From Inside The Box series.
Survivors Matrix Report, PDF, 2.1MB


No limits to Wolverton’s regeneration!
The final report on the Wolverton Social Enterprise Demonstration Project, carried out by Monkey Mosaic Ltd with Wolverton Unlimited for the Commission for Rural Communities. The report charts the development of a mutual aid social enterprise support structure
Final report, PDF, 235KB


Positive: the Impact of Participation in Summer Universities
The report of a peer evaluation of the impact of participation for young people attending five summer universities during the summer of 2004, researched and written by Steve Curtis & CityZEN for Summer Education uk. Summer Universities provide non-compulsory, informal educational provision for young people during the summer holidays. The report concludes there are four main benefits: (i) increased enjoyment of learning; (ii) increased confidence and self-esteem; (iii) improved social skills including mixing with young people from different backgrounds, which expands their horizons and encourages them to engage with their community; and (iv) involvement with the wider community on different levels (Progression)

Executive Summary, PDF, 33KB
Full report, PDF, 1.2MB
Appendices, PDF, 1.6MB